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Join to the guild

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Sun 25 Aug - 11:49

      Messages : 1

Name: HyperStrel

Class: Scout

Level: 51

Do you have any rerolls/réincas? If yes, are they Guilds? Didnt understand what rerolls mean

Have you ever been guild? Why leave? I was in the Dream Wood, the guild died

What is your availability? i play almost everyday

How long do you play? i played 3 years in allods

What are your motivations in the game? Are you more PVP / PVE? I love pvp but pve too is pleasant

Why apply with us? The best guild

What do you bring to us? Good dps. So I is best support

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Sun 25 Aug - 16:51


      Messages : 98
      Age : 25
      Localisation : France

Welcome on the forum.

You can mp me on the game.

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Sun 25 Aug - 17:00


      Messages : 113
      Age : 24
      Localisation : NORMANDIE

Welcome on the forum.
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Mon 26 Aug - 2:33


      Messages : 48

Welcome !
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